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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

marsotto edizioni - the uk launch

on tuesday evening i skulked over to ec1 for another london design festival event.

it was the uk launch of marsotto edizioni.
i don't know the official line, but it appears to be 10 designers getting together to
make pieces using a very special italian marble

the launch was at the twentytwentyone showroom
where due to the variety of light sources and the marble being, you know...
black and white-ish, i decided to shoot it all in black and white

ok, i did shoot one frame in colour...
i know the evening was all about the marble, but sometimes my eyes were attracted
to the other items on show

i liked these three glass efforts very much.
( also you may note that after being trumped by the nike zvezdochkas the previous
evening, i took no risks this time and wore my zen grey nike air yeezys )

ok, let's have a butchers at the marble stuff...

the first item i saw was probably the one i liked best of all
i don't know what you'd call it but i suppose it's a little shelf / console type thing.
it's one of those things you don't exactly need but it looks beautiful and it makes
you kind of want it. i think one of the things about marble is the feel of it...
there's something about it which makes you want to touch it
( or in my case, rest a beer bottle on it )

this was a pretty cool piece too. can you guess what it is ?
it's an umbrella stand
though if i had one at whitfield towers i think i'd keep my tripod and a couple of lighting stands in it

these were very tidy
marble bookends. genius !

in the background is something i wasn't that keen on though... a marble light.
i guess it's interesting to see the light shining through the marble and illuminating
the veins but it just didn't do it for me.

this little stool / table thing was good
though as with most of the items, good luck lifting it up.

how about this bad boy ?
a bookshelf thing that leans against the wall

while having a closer look and checking out the vintage radio i spotted something
interesting on the underside of the shelf...
... see it ?
it's a chip which carries all the information about the shelves. it has the serial number of the piece and stores the information about who it was bought from and other things.
it's like having a certificate of authenticity, proof of purchase, ownership etc.
( well, that's what i was told but maybe it's just the price tag ? )

this is a photo i took of the brochure. they didn't have these pieces at the launch
but i think they are pretty decent and out of the whole range are probably the most
practical, or at least the easiest to introduce to your home...
little marble mirrors... bingo !
i imagine these are the cheapest items in the range too. plus it seems that you
can angle them three different ways.
i wonder if i could buy two of them and fix them on my jam jar ?
that'd be great wouldn't it ? driving around with marble wing mirrors.

here's a big marble table with the bookends and the light on it
grrr ! i don't like that light. the bookends are great though, as is the other item
on the table.

i didn't really get these things
they were just like marble boxes as far as i could tell. sure, they look good
and feel good but what i thought was a lid, didn't come off, so they're not for storage.
i guess you just sit on them ( as i did until i got told off )
or rest your beer bottle on them ( as i did until i got told off )
or else put three glass lamps on them.

nice square table
by the way, if you rest a wet beer bottle on a marble table, be sure to wipe the table
straight away afterwards... i'm just saying...

talking of bottles, how about a freestanding marble wine rack ?
it looked amazing but i'm guessing only man city could afford it.

oooh... i like this little table
with stubby marble legs and a groove at one corner for putting your car keys in

there were some marble bowls... which were interesting.
made from 4cm slabs of marble with a little piece underneath
see what i mean about wanting to touch ?

careful with red wine though
you don't want to spill red wine onto marble. trust me.

finally i was thinking that the packing crates would make a great backdrop for a portrait
or maybe shift that marble nonsense out of the way and it would be perfect for
a self-portrait.

anyway, by this stage i was jonesing for wagamama so i dropped my shoulder.

thanks to twentytwentyone for another great event.

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