snapshots and observations

Sunday, 13 November 2011


14 came over to whitfield towers yesterday for a crash course in assisting.

when the lights were ready, i took a few photos of her using different set-ups.

i always shoot the first couple of frames with the subject's eyes closed.

hmmm... stealing my pose ?

as you can see, the first 3 pics are with the same lighting

then i did a few like this
yes... i asked about her top.

i kind of like this one

but i think this was my favourite frame
of all the assistants i've been using recently, 14 is the most interested in photography.
she's keen to learn, polite as you like, translates japanese and gets on nicely with clients.
oh, she's also the first assistant who's told me that they read my blog...

... hmmm, maybe i should ask her how she feels about me calling her '14' ?

anyway from now on, 14 is assistant number 1.