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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

bloke in the cafe

the millennium cafe on holloway road is my cafe of choice.

it has interesting art on the walls, friendly staff who bring 
coffee without me asking and the music they play always seems
pleasantly inappropriate for a cafe... i mean blasting out "the rhythm
of the night" or "ride on time" at 9am seems a bit wrong doesn't it ?

it is also a great place for people watching.
here's a bloke i saw on saturday. by himself, waiting for his breakfast
just staring out of the window at the mean streets of n7
he seemed to be deep in thought. perhaps even a little troubled.
maybe he'd forgotten something ? he could have been remeniscing ?
but then again he could have just been thinking to himself
"i wish that bloke on the next table would put his camera away"

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