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Friday, 11 November 2011

michael marriott

michael marriott.

he's a designer.
he's a genius.
he's a good bloke.

i first met michael in maybe 1993. a few years later i commissioned him
to make a special piece just for me. a tv stand with space inside to put 
my vhs player ( remember vhs ? )

michael came over to whitfield towers, had a look around, had a look at my telly
( which was a bright yellow portable ) and measured up my vhs player.

a couple of weeks later he sent me his design
i was pretty much sold when i saw the orange flex and blue wheels

but i also really liked the blue plastic material which was to be used on
the sides and for the front flaps.
so i gave the go ahead and michael made me a special little piece of furniture.

almost 16 years later and it is still in use at whitfield towers
it houses my dvd player, remote controls and a few other things.

and it probably looks even better than when it was new.
the two plastic flaps fold open. on the top shelf is the dvd player and underneath 
is a small light bulb which when switched on emits a blue glow from the sides and front.

oh, and the light is switched on by pulling the jif lemon which is attached to 
a length of green string... perfect !
michael is a great designer, a maverick and a bit of a genius, but i think he'd
prefer be known as a just a good bloke... which of course, he is.

nice one michael.

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