snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

more dreams / falls

here are four more shots of stel at whitfield towers

i'm still not absolutely convinced.
do they look dreamy or has she just fallen ?


  1. Re shoot in the car park!

  2. if it's honesty you want... it doesn't work for me, the whole lying down thing.

  3. after some consideration i honestly reckon the second and fourth pics are beautiful... dreamy and beautiful.

    pics 1 and 3 maybe have a bit of an awkward feel about them but 2 and 4
    i rate very highly.

  4. a beautifully composed angel fallen from the sky
    1&3 - with an ouch
    2&4 - in a swoon

  5. nope - sorry -not working for me. its the floor. if she was lying on a white piece of silk it might work...