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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

evisu no.3 sanforised denim jeans

on friday i decided to debut a pair of jeans i bought back in november 2010

you know i like evisu jeans right ? and that the no.3 is my favoured style.
well the pair i bought maybe 18 months ago are now well and truly broken in.
if i say so myself, they look good. not only do they look good but they feel soft
and kind of feel like a part of me ( denim heads know what i'm talking about )

back in november last year i was strolling down savile row and checked in at
the evisu store ( which has since gone to visit the crunch ) 
after trying on a load of jeans, i treated myself to a new pair
and yesterday, 12  months later, i finally took them out of the bag
and formally introduced them to n7

inside the bag i found the evisu instructions
fascinating stuff

as ever with evisu, it's the details which make the jeans
the vintage main button, the quality selvedge denim, the hand painted kamome.
by the way, what's with the ( under penalty of law ) warning for removing the 
tag before purchasing?

let's have a closer look at the denim
no. 3 in the 2010 cut, size 33 x 34
( ordinarily i'd be swimming in a 33 inch waist but evisu sizes are pretty strange )

black painted kamome on these bad boys
controversial i know, but i didn't want another pair with white paint
and i certainly didn't fancy red or powder blue.

nice selvedge details
of course, as you can almost see in the photo above, when these are new
the denim is hard as you like. putting them on for the first time is like wearing
a pair of metal trousers !

here they are alongside the pair i've been wearing for 18 months or so
i know i didn't line them up very well, but you can see that my old pair have shrunk
a little ( they are both the same size by the way ) you can also kind of see that
the new pair look like hard denim and the worn pair look like they would feel soft.

obviously i needed to take a self-portrait to celebrate debuting the new pair, so...
please excuse my barnet.
also regular viewers will note that my facial expression is possibly even more
miserable than usual... i put that down to the jeans being so uncomfortable.

so there you have it. if you want to buy some jeans that look good but make
you walk like robocop for the first 4 or 5 months, get yourself a pair of evisu
no. 3's


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