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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

charlie and the fry-up

i met up with charlie ( my special boy ) at the millennium cafe on saturday 
morning to hand over the arsenal box of nonsense that i was given as part
of my season ticket deal.

charlie ordered up the millennium special and when it arrived i asked him
if he could see potential there to make a breakfast face.
he took this as a challenge

and set to work
go on charlie... work that toast.

the boy moved quickly... more toast was added
his hands were a blur... using the knife and fork as a sculptor would
a hammer and chisel ( are you sure about this ? -ed ) he re-arranged
the fried materials on his ceramic canvas ( i've warned you ! - ed )

boom !
there it was... a millennium breakfast representation of my face.

although i think it would have looked more like me if the sausage
was turned upside down... as it was, it looked a little too smiley.

anyway, good effort charlie. you're welcome in n7 anytime.

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