snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

on saturday

walking along the street, just outside my building i noticed
this lad with a guitar, shiny silver strap and other musical stuff.
an 'up and coming band' have recently moved into my building so i presume
this character is one of them.
i'd buy a guitar case if i was him by the way.

the sticker art campaign in n7 seems to be gathering momentum...
i spotted this beauty just below one of the 'n7' stickers

on the way to the department of coffee and social affairs i passed another
decent looking coffee joint on leather lane... prufrock.
i had a sneaky look inside and saw this sign...
what the what ?!
is my friend 'credit' teaching people how to make a cappuccino ?

also this was the window display at prufrock
what's going on here ?

as my friend benito famously once said... "i'm baffled"

moving on to the department of c and sa,
now that's a good sign...
keep it simple, that's the way.

if i was in charge of signwriting here, on the other side of this board i
would leave it all blank except for the word 'coffee' written in lower case
bang central on the board in quite small letters... but that's just me.

now it's not often that i see somebody out and about with louder
footwear than me, but check out this bloke's glorias
covered with the skin of many endangered species.
outstanding !

while i was waiting for my sandwich to be toasted i took this shot
of the sugar glass, a glass of water and some fresh oj

then my sandwich turned up
salami and mozzarella focaccia with those christmas tree needles on top for some reason

wow ! what a nice gesture... kevin asked me if i'd like to make my own coffee
and here are a couple of espressos that i knocked out.

strolling from leather lane to the west end i saw this in a fleet street window.
boxing with ali... an exhibition of photos by chris smith. it opens on thursday.
( chris smith is a very famous sports photographer, and the dad of two of my 
friends )
luckily i'm back from the isle of wight on wednesday night so i'll be able to check
it out at some point on thursday. i'll also try to dig out the chris smith print of
ali and the beatles that i was given for my birthday a few years ago
( thanks josh )

also on fleet street i saw this plaque
what a great name for a boozer.

onwards to covent garden where in camper i checked out my reflection
shoes looking good, jeans looking good... all's good

i like perspex very much, so i was pleased to see this display of shapes
in the window of the design council
trainers, cameras and coffee makers all in perspex... genius !

talking of cameras, i swerved over to paul smith in floral street
and treated myself to a reconditioned olympus trip complete with lizard-skin.
i bought the one with the lens in focus

paul smith is always on point with his window displays
chocolate fingers always remind me of my friend nick and a trick me and
chris played on him in mongolia... but that's another story.

and finally, a photo i took while i waited outside a shop further down floral street.
i liked the rich colours of the paul smith bag, the autumn leaves and my laces.

well that was about it for saturday. it's getting dark earlier now isn't it ?
less time in the day for taking photos.

until next saturday then...


  1. Hi Mark, stumbled across your blog while searching for a Destroyer jacket. Love it. What are these AF1s you have on with the neon green laces? They look rad.



    they are called é possivel air force 1's and were only released in brasil.

    you can probably find some on ebay though.