snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


here are a few things i spotted on saturday.

ugly betty is now starring in 'chicago'
( when i saw it, denise van outen was playing roxie hart )

window shopping in bloomsbury. i was tempted to buy the gf-1 with 20mm f1.7
just to have as a back up... it really is an amazing little camera.

standard procedure at wild and wood coffee.
i haven't been there for months but as soon as i walked in, the girl said
"flat white ?"
( or was the question mark on the other side of the exclamation marks ?...
with her accent, i really couldn't tell )

as you know, i do like to see stickers on show...
but not stickers showing spinach !
grrr !
( by the way, my second batch of stickers should be arriving at whitfield
towers by the end of the week )

to movember or not to movember ?
that is the question.

even byron are getting involved... maybe i should ?

surely it's getting a bit cold now for eating outside ?

mark v shark

an installation in a window on shaftesbury avenue.

"that's some bad hat harry"


  1. You should have bought the GF-1 and I'd have looked after it for you.
    No charge or anything... I'm good like that.

  2. Nice reflection of your yeezys in the window..

  3. pc. it was my intention to be in the reflection to make the whole
    mark / shark thing happen.
    fair play to you for recognising my yeezys though. that's very observant.

    i'll send you some stickers from my next batch when they finally arrive.