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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

credit's jam jar

as you may have spotted. i know nothing much about cars.

i used to have an old fiat 500 for 10 years or so ( mine was from 1969 )
and nowadays i drive the new fiat 500.

what can i tell you about it ?
1. it's red
2. it's a nippy little thing
3.  it has comfortable seats

on sunday i met up with a couple of friends for lunch... you know, to have a chat,
a bit of a laugh, to be given some cabbage that i didn't ask for etc, etc...

 on the way home i was invited to have a look at their new jam jar.
what can i tell you about it ?
1. it's black
2. i don't think the description "nippy little thing" really does it justice
3. it has a spare engine on the back seat
what the what ?!

seriously, you can see the engine through the back window !
i showed my car skills by asking if the silver thing at the top of this photo
was a speaker... like i said, i know nothing about cars.

a bit like my old fiat 500, there was no engine under the bonnet...
just a tiny space for luggage or whatever. i threw my wallet into it to try
to show a sense of scale
what i'm trying to say is... there's not much room for stuff.
no way could i fit my cameras and lights in there as i do in my jam jar.
in fact i reckon there's only about enough room for six pairs of boxed air force 1's
( or five if you take size 13 )

fair play to credit and mrs credit. you've got a cracking looking, noisy, fast
jam jar there... i just hope batman doesn't realise you've stolen it.

or perhaps i should end by saying in true n7 style
" that car is biiiiiig "

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