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Friday, 18 November 2011

post from japan

the same day that i received the letter with the decent franking
i also received a small packet from japan.
it looked interesting but let's face it... it's a bit scruffy compared to what 
our glorious post office would do to an envelope.

inside the envelope however... inside was something spot-on.
the bathing ape iphone 4 cover that i ordered from tokyo just 3 days ago.

with just a little patience and a smattering of industrial language
the job was a good 'un in a matter of minutes... 
( i won't say how many minutes though )

and here's the back of the thing
very tidy indeed.

fair play to the japanese. not only do they design good iphone covers, but 
i ordered it on monday and it arrived on wednesday... that's a fast service.

but our postal franking system is still the best !

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