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Friday, 25 November 2011

more self-portraits in w1

let's face it... aside from n7, w1 is probably the best postcode in london.

i had a shoot in w1 with "14" today and after a little while she said something 
really impressive to me. she said "don't forget to take a self-portrait"

what a girl !

so... twenty minutes or so later, i found a suitable location and boom !
top by marc jacobs, trousers by marc jacobs, af-1's by nike

then i did the gentlemanly thing and invited "14" into the frame
"14" is top girl. she seems really into photography, she's punctual
( which is probably my number one requirement in an assistant )
and she speaks with the poshest accent i've heard in a long time. 

( then again most people sound posh to my northern ears )

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