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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

porridge season part one... kaffeine

as i mentioned recently, i have declared the 2011 / 2012 porridge season
well and truly open.
yesterday i had a shoot in w1 at 6am... when the shoot was over i skulked to kaffeine.
one of my top ten coffee joints.

here's what i ordered
left to right: porridge, flat white.

the porridge at kaffeine cost £2.50. as it's almost a year since i last bought
the oaty breakfast, i'm not sure how this price stands up but i thought it seemed 
it was plain porridge but there were squeezy bottles of honey and maple syrup
on hand to help out. i opted for honey.

it's tricky to judge the season's first porridge to be honest.
the price was ok, as was the taste. it just wasn't absolutely knockout, magic darts porridge.
still, i had a nice table to myself and the atmosphere in kaffeine was good.
personally i'd have preferred to pay a bit extra and to have some berries involved
but as you know, i'm quite fussy.

anyway, first score of the season: kaffeine 7 ( out of 10 )

ok, first

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