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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


i know, i know... i've been killing the blog recently with self-portraits
and photos of my assistant stel.
the reason is that i've had a crazy busy couple of weeks and more or less
done nothing other than work. no lounging around drinking coffee, no sketching 
around soho or the west end shopping and people watching.

luckily enough a couple of pairs of af-1's arrived last week to break it up
but now i'm looking at what i can post and in my blog folder all i have are shots
of stel and me.

so how about i take a break from showing nonsense and post some of my work ?

today and maybe for the next two days, let me show you some interiors i've
photographed over the past few months. maybe i'll add a few words too.

ok, let's start...

i think this is my favourite restaurant of the year. i also reckon i've eaten here more
 than any other place this year, and i've always enjoyed it. 
the owner is a very nice chap, the staff are friendly and polite.
have you been yet ? why not ?

the corner room at viajante.
i would have to call the area a bit scratchy but this restaurant and the building
it's in are both beautiful. i like that they filled in a bit of space by hanging a
load of old lights. it works very nicely.

see what happens when you have unfriendly staff ?
you can have one of the most beautifully designed restaurants going.
one of the most talented chefs in the country...
but my main memory of rocksalt in folkestone is that the staff were surly
and that they hung around making themselves coffees, stood in my way drinking 
yet never offered me one.
so instead of saying something positive about this place, all i have to say is that 
the staff put me off ever going back, or recommending it to anybody.

the gilbert scott.
i think this got a pretty average review in the magazine i shot it for.
i can report though that it's a spectacular room in a spectacular hotel.
friendly staff too ( yes, they gave me a coffee )

friendly and stylish place near knightsbridge.
great art on the walls and they do good coffee !

beautifully designed place with corking views.
it's jamie oliver's steak joint by the way.

the prince of wales.
it's south of the river !
( but it does great scotch eggs )

it's just around the corner from harrods and it had wine vending machines !
it was also the first place i'd photographed where the owner asked me
"would you like a flat white ?"

the shed.
it's in porthgain, wales.
it kind of looks like a shed doesn't it ?
i had without doubt the best fish and chips of my life here.

more interiors tomorrow.

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