snapshots and observations

Friday, 18 November 2011

stel again

i had a shoot in sw3 yesterday.
14 couldn't assist so i asked stel.

once again she turned up dressed for the part
her coat was by burberry, shoes by alexander mcqueen and a silk dress
that was from a little boutique in shanghai.

working with stel is always funny. she comes up with some great lines.
at one point we were talking about tattoos and i told her i had a big one
on my back... she thought for a few seconds and then said " is it of spongebob ?"
after informing her that it wasn't a tattoo of spongebob, there was
a silence between us for a minute... a silence she broke by asking
"do you play golf ?"

maybe we are divided by a common language but i do like stel
and she's a good assistant and an interesting person to talk to.

i'll leave you with a photo of the two of us which i took at whitfield towers
after the shoot.
i'm the one on the right.


  1. Your right or our right?
    I'm always confused which it should be.