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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

stel and the sweatshirt

my assistant stel as you may have noticed, has quite a bit of style about her.

on every shoot she's assisted on so far, she's worn a little dress and some heels.
the other day i asked her if she ever wears jeans and a sweatshirt.

she replied that she wore jeans once when she was a kid, but she's never worn
a sweatshirt.


so when we got back to n7 after our shoot i asked stel if she'd like to try on some
 of my sweatshirts and pose for a few pics... she said yes.

here's one of the shots
( it's an original fake sweatshirt by the way )

and here's another shot
( it's a bathing ape sweatshirt by the way )

and finally...
well what did you expect ?

i like stel. she's a cracking assistant and she likes to pose too... which is a bonus.

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