snapshots and observations

Monday, 28 November 2011

self-portrait in n1

early this morning i had a shoot in a restaurant in n1
by now you must know what's coming ?
to be honest i wasn't that happy with this angle so as the shoot progressed
i kept an eye out for another opportunity.

i thought this view looked good so i lined up the camera.
there was nobody about so i put the self-timer on for 12 seconds and...
i didn't realise until i got home and edited the shots, that while i was 
hitting my pose, the girl who was setting up the place came along and
sneaked into frame. fair play to her, she kept still for the long exposure too.

i don't know what she's wearing but my details were:
polo top by bape
jeans by evisu
eddie cruz western edition af-1's by nike

the girl who crept into frame here also made me a fantastic coffee later...
what a girl !


  1. can you credit the restaurants??

  2. i prefer not to because generally i'm shooting them for a magazine which publishes a review of the restaurant 4 weeks after i take the shots.
    i feel it would be a bit of a spoiler if i gave away which restaurant was to soon be reviewed.

    i do usually publish nice interiors of the restaurants a little while later, when i've got a bit of a backlog, and after they've been published in the magazine.

    also i do like the vagueness of simply using a postcode.