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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

noooooooooooooo !

it's not difficult is it ?

at the junction on sunday i ordered up the sunday lunch.
i then started to explain to the waiter or whatever you call him...
" but i don't want any root vegetables " 
( root vegetables were advertised with my choice )

experience has taught me that my first request to stray from the menu
is usually ignored so i said something along the lines of
" seriously, no root vegetables... nothing green, nothing healthy...
just beef, potatoes, yorkshire pudding and gravy "

the bloke then said " can i get you something else from the menu ?
broccoli perhaps ? "

i pulled a bit of a face and said " no no no... seriously, no greens, just beef, potatoes
yorkshire pudding and gravy "

needless to say my meal arrived and...

well i had to ask for another plate and i grumpily shifted this wretched stuff
off my plate and onto the spare
i then asked the waitress to go and give it to the bloke who took my order,
with my compliments. 
i also tried to explain that my beef and potatoes were now going to taste of the green stuff...

i was later informed by my dining companions that the offending stuff was cabbage.

as a side note, i had to order up another pint to settle myself down.

eating in my company is always entertaining ( are you sure ? - ed )

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