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Friday, 18 November 2011

great britain

i received a letter today. no big story, but
for some reason i looked at the franking or whatever it's called.
maybe i was attracted by the date 11-11-11
but when i had a closer look at the whole stamp...

... when you look at the whole thing, isn't it a beauty ?
the numbers on the left... what are they for ? why are they in a column ?

then the central piece with 'london w1' in a different font to the right hand
piece. it's also kind of good that it's in a circle isn't it ?

the right hand side is great isn't it ? it's great because it says 'great britain'
which when you think about it, is a fantastic name. then the crown bit...
it's proper isn't it ?

i know it's a bit silly but i think this whole thing is a cracking design.
no doubt it's there for a reason and it does it's job but i think it really
looks good too. it's a really well designed bit of kit.

( i've been off coffee for two days now so please excuse me for this post )

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