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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


on friday i met up with 'z' again to discuss cameras in that 
cafe / antiques shop near credit's house.

'z' was running late and as anybody who knows me will know, i was early.
so i passed the time by scowling at the other customers and photographing
my juice ( which was freshly squeezed orange, apple and berries )
i like this shot. i think the tablecloth was made out of wallpaper
so for me it gives the impression that the drink is attached to a wall
but somehow not falling off or spilling out.
( ok, it's just me then )

the drink looked good shot from above but it also looked 
interesting shot from the side. i liked the colour very much.
it reminded me a bit of a lava lamp i used to have.
while i was taking this shot, i noticed the cafe owner and the girl who made
this juice, staring over at me and pointing.
i asked them what was up and the owner said my drink looked wrong...
too much froth. he then asked the girl to take it back and to remove some
froth and replace it with juice. fair enough i thought

honestly i watched the girl spoon out the froth and mess about for over 
5 minutes making more juice and all that. then finally she brought the
new improved drink to me and here is the 'after' shot...
er... thanks for getting rid of all that froth !

moving on, my attention was grabbed by the little bottle on the left of the 
above photo... you know me by now... it was the orange top which took my fancy.
it was a very nice bottle. cracking orange plastic top and a great
label too. i may have to buy a few of these bad boys... i think they would
make great little christmas presents, don't you ?

'z' turned up just as i was about to shoot one of my famous condiment
wedding group shots. she straight away insisted i photograph her scarf.
perhaps she was unaware of my feelings towards scarves... you know...
'the curse of the whitfields' but i noted it's union jack theme and my love 
of the union jack beat my dislike of scarves in my mind so i took a quick snap.
i think she said it was from liberty if there are any scarf fanciers out there.

after a flat white each and a lot of camera chat that i won't bore you with,
we decided to crack on with the day. however before we went our separate
ways, there was a little matter of marking the occasion of our second meeting
with an official self-portrait. something to show how happy we were to meet again.
thinking about it, wouldn't it be a great idea to have massive posters of this 
image on billboards all along the borders of north london,
you know, maybe in time for the olympics next year, just to make tourists
feel at ease... enormous posters of this shot with some simple ( lower case )
text dropped onto it reading...
 "welcome to north london"

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  1. Can't believe you didn't mention the rabbit and top hat behind my scarf!