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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

interiors part 2

more interiors i've shot over the past few months, mainly for magazines.

this place is called 'massimo'
i think this was the first frame i took and i felt like i could quite easily pack up after this one shot. if you had to sum up a place with one photo, this would be the one that summed up
i did another 60-odd frames though and edited them down to 18 images which i submitted
to the magazine... and yes, this is the frame they printed.

kerbisher & malt.
a fish and chip shop in hammersmith.
great place, great plaice ( grrr ! - ed )

another view of kerbisher and malt, this time from the serving hatch out to the dining area.

southernhay house.
this is a corking little hotel in exeter. 
i think the staff all called me 'sir'
outstanding !

the cut on park lane.
a multi million pound restaurant design.
the biggest collection of damian hirst originals outside of an art gallery, anywhere in the world... and my main memory of the shoot ?
it rained like no rain i've ever seen in my life while i was in here.
the kind people at this new hotel even gave me an umbrella for the 50 yard
walk to my jam jar afterwards. top people, top place.

casa batavia.
not a great angle to illustrate the restaurant but the little cartoons on the wall...
well for me, they sum up the place. they also seem to be based on the owner / chef.

cay tre.
a vietnamese joint in soho.
this was one of the quickest shoots ever because it was about a hundred yards from 
'supreme' which had opened the day before and i was in a rush to get into the queue
to buy some box logo t-shirts.
i was in such a rush that i even turned down the offer of a coffee !
oh dear.

the hardwick.
it's near abergavenny. it's in wales. it's great.

it's in soho and it's next door to cay tre.
it has 6 tables and seating at the bar.
it seemed to be the coolest little joint to open in a while, and the critics
raved about it. 

more tomorrow.

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