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Thursday, 24 November 2011

stel and the two photo fails

i had a shoot with stel on monday.
naturally enough, after about ten minutes or so, i saw the opportunity 
for a self-portrait and i asked her to join me.
alas she couldn't keep still for the long exposure so i had to dock her some points.

later on i asked her to photograph me alongside the blushing bride.
my instructions were for the bride to stare lovingly at me while i stared
moodily at the camera. unfortunately stel had a camera malfunction
and the only shot she managed to take was when i was striding towards 
her to sort out the cable release.
more points were docked after this incident... the moment was lost
and we never got to re-shoot it.

afterwards stel kept a pretty low profile
though with her 'robot-cat' stories, she cracked me up all afternoon.

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