snapshots and observations

Thursday, 10 November 2011

arsenal v wba

as you know. i do like to have a bet on the correct score at arsenal games.
last saturday i was feeling confident
final score: arsenal 3 w.b.a. 0
latest score: ladbrokes 6 me 0

i did win a bet on saturday though...
for some reason myself and gooner jeff decided to bet each other a fiver
on how many minutes of stoppage time the referee would add on.

latest score: me £5 gooner jeff 0


  1. Aren't they supposed to put the odds underneath the bet and sign to say they're right? What odds did you get on 4-0?

  2. the girl who took my bet was a trainee and was alll alone in the shop.
    she didn't know how to work the machine to find out the odds.

    funnily enough when i got to my seat for the game, gooner jeff who sits behind me showed me his betting slip and he'd also gone for 4-0.
    the odds... 16/1