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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

kidrobot x staple pigeon figures

the postman was busy at whitfield towers last week.
three pairs of kicks, a camera, two camera straps, some stickers and...

enough of the tease, let's open up the box...
and inside were two boxes

one containing the original version
and the other containing the limited edition 'albino' version

opening up the first box...
very nice. the grey pigeon was i believe a limited edition of 200

signed on the wing by the man himself... jeff staple
and dated 2011

of course the bird came with it's usual accessory
pigeon poop !

the person i bought these off also included
a couple of postcards which advertised the drop and the signing

a key ring

and a key cover

oh, the white pigeon was also signed on the wing by jeff staple
supposedly there are only 85 of the 'albino pigeon' in the world

and probably only one of them in n7
i like jeff staple. sure maybe he's flogging the whole pigeon thing a bit much
nowadays but he's not just a one trick pony unlike say...
... well, you know... a certain 'designer' or 'artist' who thinks he owns the double 'x'

anyway there you have it... a couple of very important pieces now in place at whitfield towers.


  1. This is RIDICULOUS!!!! You never cease to amaze me Mark. Great Acquisition!