snapshots and observations

Friday, 11 November 2011

home alone

regular readers will know only too well what goes down in the kitchen
at whitfield towers when i'm left home alone.

i've shown my meal of choice on many occasions but today
for the first time, check out a short video of me in action.

think of it as an instructional and educational video.

it was supposed to be a silent film but i couldn't help saying "woah... textbook"
to myself as i spilled some chicken fried rice over the edge of the plate.

please note the saving of some chicken fried rice and curry sauce in the carton.
this as i have explained in depth on previous posts, is what i like to call "dessert"

on a sad note, i was all out of beer so i went down to the wine cellar at whitfield
towers and selected a cheeky chilean syrah ( wine lovers will know why )

any questions ?


  1. whoah... textbook indeed!

    Nom Nom Nom

    Can I ask a technical question?

    I noted with interest a dribble of curry sauce on the outside of it's pot. Is it acceptable to lick this off?

    I also have a question of ethics... or is it morals?

    Is it morally (or ethically) correct to try this with chicken curry, fried rice and chips or is that just an abomination?

  2. 1. no, licking the sauce off the pot is not acceptable.

    2. do not stray from the recipe i have shown.

  3. When you pour the curry sauce into the carton for "dessert"
    Your wrist-work is first class.

  4. The "dessert" is not only sound logic, but also makes it art.