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Thursday, 3 November 2011


i've been on the isle of wight for the past two days
shooting a very interesting project.

just before i left to come back to london i insisted on having a photo taken with ben
ben fed me well. he made me a lamb burger with artisan isle of wight cheese.
he also made me an incredible healthy breakfast of granola, berries and yoghurt.
oh and just before i left he put together possibly the best sausages mash and gravy
i've ever had in my life.
nice one ben.

also i insisted on having my photo taken with my friend 'h'
who kept me topped up with kit-kats throughout my stay.
top girl 'h'

many thanks to 'h' and ben for being the most wonderful hosts.
also to jay, john and charlie in the kitchen and to andrea and natalie
for modelling and most importantly, making me coffee.

more pics to come from the i.o.w.

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