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Friday, 25 November 2011

nike air force 1 i.d's

remember i designed a couple of pairs of air force 1's at niketown
a few weeks ago ?

well yesterday the postman rang... twice.
being a bit of a tease, and also because i'm also desperate to hit the 1000 
blog posts this year, i'll just show you one pair today.

i told you i was a tease...
inside the box... special nike i.d. paper and the usual af-1 certificate

and here's the fire that was inside the box
premium soft black leather used on the tip, the toe box, the eye stay,
the mid panel, the foxing and the tongue.

the swoosh is in a limited edition grey chenille
and i opted to have red laces as my first choice

they sit on a pale grey midsole
and a gum outsole

the heel tabs are in pale grey leather with grey stitching
they didn't have the option to leave the heel tabs blank.

the sock liner is in black
with a special air force '82 i.d. insole

the lace tips i chose to get in silver colour
but, strangely enough... they are plastic not metal.

the ability to personalise the hang tag was a nice gesture...
i went with 'representing n7'
though i did seriously think about getting 'like a boss'

oh, the spare laces...
seeing as i have spare laces in most colours, i opted for this purple / plum / pink
pair... well, you never know.

so there they are
these are most certainly a problem.

i'm toying with the idea of removing the pale grey tongue tabs or maybe
even colouring them black ( i wasn't able to get them in black during the build
as the tongue tab automatically goes the same colour as the swoosh.

still, they look and feel incredible. once i've sorted out the tongue tabs and
laced them properly i'll be bringing some much needed heat to the streets
of n7.


  1. I want a go at this designing malarky!

  2. I don't know where or how?
    I don't live in that there london.