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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

dave's quality meat

a few years ago ( 2003 ) in new york city, i was strolling along east 3rd street
and chanced upon a cracking little shop called "dave's quality meat"

it had been open for only 4 days.

i got chatting to dave ortiz, the owner and bought a few t-shirts.

just before i left i asked if i could take a quick shot of him.

funnily enough, me and dave kept in touch by email for a year or two.
i found him to be a top man.

unfortunately when i visited dave's quality meats in 2008 the shop had
changed considerably. the amazing interior design had been stripped and it
resembled any other little shop in new york. i learned that dave had sold
the business and was planning something new.

i still pay a visit to dqm every time i go to new york but next time i'm
over there i'm going to check out dave's wear house and say hello.

dave's wear house,
123 baxter street,
ny 10013

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