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Monday, 21 November 2011

my uncle ned

uncle ned was my grandad's brother.
he used to call me "boyo" and he was the first person i ever heard
who spoke welsh.

back in the day, back in the valleys before he moved to warrington,
uncle ned was also a very keen photographer.

one day, late in his life, he gave me his old camera, lightmeter and this...
it's a small brown leather case

and inside...
do you know what it is ?

do you know now ?
well you can see the bottom of it will slide onto the hot-shoe of a camera right ?

and this is the back view.
it's a rangefinder attachment. you look through the eyepiece on the left and
use the dial on the right to focus the two squares in the viewfinder.
when you're done, the distance is read on the dial ( in inches and feet )

it's a great little gadget and i keep it in my camera bag to this day...
every time i see it i remember uncle ned striding into the house,
arm reaching out to give me a firm handshake, a big smile on 
his face and greeting me with 
"oh, hello boyo" ( in a welsh accent )

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