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Friday, 11 November 2011

sake no hana with '14'

i had a shoot at a cracking place called sake no hana this morning.

i wasted no time in knocking out a self-portrait.
i hadn't even taken my jacket off and the client's handbag
is still on one of the tables... oh and coffee cup on the bar.
destroyer leather sleeved jacket by nike
 'support japan' box t-shirt by supreme
 union jack jeans by evisu
waterproofed wool bespoke air force 1's by nike

now i knew it was looking good i asked '14' to join me for our first shot together

and another after we'd taken our jackets off
and i'd warmed the shot up a little.

later on ( after i'd actually done a bit of work ) we posed up for one more shot
i like '14'
she was recommended by g-fog and they kind of remind me of each other.
hopefully we'll be working together a lot from now on.

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