snapshots and observations

Thursday, 10 November 2011

stel's style ( a closer look )

working with stel on monday was interesting.

she reminded me very much of m-c, my spanish friend and occasional assistant.
or rather we understood each other about as much as me and m-c did.
what i'm saying is... we had a few misunderstandings. 
some 'lost in translation' moments.

still, she worked very well and you've got to admit she looked the part.
you know i always like to tell you what i'm wearing so this time let me walk you
through stel's style...

she wore a burberry trenchcoat
fair enough

she sported a chanel handbag

and a dress by alexander mcqueen

i've no idea who makes her shoes
but they looked expensive.

i like stel. she's a good worker, she lives in n7 and she's got style.


  1. I'd hazard a guess at irregular choice (the shoes that is!)

  2. yeah... i just looked at the website and it seems right. she did say she got them from carnaby street too.

    nice one fran.

  3. The girl has style. That's for sure.