snapshots and observations

Friday, 18 November 2011

sake no hana

i had a quick shoot at sake no hana a couple of days ago.

they wanted a few shots of the bar taking when it was dark outside.

here's one i did using a fisheye lens.
it's a cracking bar. if you're ever in st james's street you should sneak by.

obviously i wasn't going to just shoot a few interiors. it's practically part
of my contract that i have to do a self-portrait or two.

while i had the fisheye lens revved up i decided to do a self-portrait at the
entrance to the bar and restaurant. i also asked the nice spanish girl who
helped me with the candles in the bar to step into frame.
i don't know her name but i know she's spanish because she understood when i 
said "joder" after i burnt my hand on one of the candles.
( it's a long story ) 

oh, i like that her colleague on the far right is amused by the self-portraiting.

anyway, for top food and a cracking bar, why not try sake no hana ?


  1. Her name is Mia and she had funny time with you! x

  2. gracias mia,

    lo siento por... er... habla-ing 'joder'
    pero el candle burnt mi mano.